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Top 5 Wavecation spots for SUP – stand up paddle

Top 5 Wavecation spots for SUP

Five Great SUP Trips for Your Next Vacation

If you’ve been getting into the Stand Up Paddle scene over the last few years you’ve probably realized it’s a really great way to explore previously unsurfed areas as well as your local waterways. Now you may be ready to take your skills on the road and explore someplace new.  Are you yearning to embark on your own paddleboard travel adventure but don’t know where to start?  Here’s a list of five exceptional and unique SUP getaway destinations and accommodations.  So just sit back, relax and day dream about your next SUP trip.

Gerry Lopez taking off on a clean wall somewhere near Punta Mita, Mexico.

Punta Mita, Mexico

The Waikiki of Mexico, this laid back and tourist-friendly area is only 20 minutes from the airport in Puerto Vallarta and SUP is taking off in a big way down there. From the point break in funky Sayulita, to the rolling waves of Anclote, or the downwinders along the sparkling coast, this gorgeous peninsula is set up perfectly for stand up paddle fun.  When you go, check out the beachfront Cinco Hotel. This upscale hotel is doing a fabulous job of catering to the SUP community.  The owner has teamed up with the Pipe Master himself, Gerry Lopez, to offer SUP and yoga camps (next one is May 24-26). Not only does the hotel have SUP boards on site for guest use, but the rooms also look directly onto the Anclote surf break – known as one of the best beginner waves in Mexico.

Dana Point, California

Dana Point is a picturesque beachside community and a SUP hotspot. In the heart of Dana Point you’ll find Doheny Beach, home to the annual Battle of the Paddle and other SUP races throughout the year. Around the corner is Baby Beach, a wide sandy beach that serves as a meeting place and entry point for flat water paddling in the harbor.  For a perfectly located place to stay in Dana Point try the Dana Shores condo.

View from the Dana Shores Condo. The Strand surf break down below and the Ritz-Carlton on the next point.

Perched atop a bluff with commanding views of the dazzling coastline and passing whales, this 2 bed/2 bath condo unit is an ideal home base for paddlers. The owner – a gracious host and avid SUP enthusiast himself – is happy to share his local paddle knowledge with guests. If you’re up for a real workout you can take the stairs from the condo directly down to the beach and paddle along the cliffs or do some surfing at the beach break.

Do you know a great way to combine surfing and exploring different beaches, towns, villages and the ever changing landscape? Booking a Surfing Safari with surf camp Pipa Brazil !
A team of experienced surfguides takes you to the best waves in this region, fitting your surfing skills. You will surf in secrets spots, where you will not have problems of overcrowding, 28/30 different types of waves that break during the year (about 14 in the summer and 16 in the winter) within 40km of coastline around Pipa.
The Surfari is ideal for those who travel alone or in small groups. Your fellow travelers are with you for three or five days, so you get a good chance to make some friends and learn from each other in the water and on the land. Our groups in general age from 18 to 35 years of age with a 50/50 mix of sexes, from all various walks of life and countries. Groups sizes of maximum 8 people plus two guides.
Surf Pipa School stands for a high level of water safety. People with zero or little surf experience will follow some classes before we will let you go free surfing. It does not matter if the waves are big, because we keep all beginners very close to the beach where the waves have less power.
Experienced Surfers paddle straight past the beginners into the line-up. Local knowledge and the use of surf forecasts will determine at which places we surf during the surf trip. Usually we will surf at three or four different places along the coastline.

Slickrock Resort, Belize

This small island on the Glover’s Reef Atoll is a true paddle paradise with endless miles of turquoise water dotted with tiny cays and islands to explore. The private island hosts only about 2 dozen guests at a time who enjoy almost every water sport imaginable including diving, fishing, SUP, kayak, kite boarding and surfing. During your week-long stay all meals are included. You’ll be delighted with the menu prepared from freshly caught fish, hand picked coconuts and other ingredients fresh from the land and sea. After dinner the ocean will lull you to sleep in your rustic beachfront cabana.

SUP surfing at Glover's Reef in Belize
Sup surfing a green wave at Glover’s Reef, Slick Rock resort in Belize

Sauble Lake, Lake Huron, Ontario

This popular Canadian summer retreat boasts warm weather, sandy beaches and miles of paddling. Lake Huron, which appears just as endless as the ocean, dominates the landscape. You could paddle for days up or down the coastline and even surf small waves most of the summer. Grab a friend and paddle from the beach up the river to Sauble Falls Park and enjoy the natural waterfalls. Cottage rentals are the lodging of choice in Sauble Beach. Try the Sandpiper and Seagull cottages built in 1937. These simple and rustic beachfront cabins offer rates starting at $145 per night.

Front Porch of the Seagull cottage on Sauble lake Ontario
Enjoy a rustic cabin in the woods across the path from miles of SUP opportunities

Yes, there is good SUP and sometimes waves and “warm” water in the Great Lakes.

North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii

Hawaii’s North Shore has one of the most concentrated stretches of surf breaks in the world. Summer visitors will enjoy clear waters and calm conditions while each winter the North Shore comes alive with huge swells. Many of the surf breaks here are best suited for expert surfers but there are some wonderful spots for stand up paddling, even if you’re a beginner. Try the scenic paddle up Haleiwa River or the beaches surroundingTurtle Bay which have played host to many SUP events. Located on a picturesque point, the Turtle Bay Resort offers SUP lessons and rentals and has plenty of turtle filled lagoons to explore as well as world class waves. The hotel offers incredible ocean views or choose one of the Ocean Villas and stay just steps from the waters edge.

girl paddling out at Turtle Bay Surf Resort
Turlte Bay Resort offers an incredible surf front location perfect for surfers, paddleboarders and families

More Exciting SUP Destinations

  1. Playa Guiones, Costa Rica – Where jungle meets the sea. Sunrise paddle in the waves with howlers monkey’s calling in the distance.
  2. Waikiki, Oahu, Hawaii –  SUP paddlers playground. Gentle waves and calm waters are ideal for first time wave riders.
  3. Surfer’s Point, Barbados – Blue water and a forgiving point break make this a popular spot for SUP.
  4. Tofino, Canada – Breathtaking, and not because of the cold water. Temperate rainforest meets an unspoiled coastline with unlimited paddling choices.
  5. Treasure Cay, Bahamas –  All girls SUP camps with clear water, white sand, unexplored islands and small waves.

Article written by Wavecation and originally posted at SUP Connect

Las largas noches de Praia da Pipa Elegida por muchos Argentinos para visitar y también para vivir, Pipa es otra de las localidades del norte brasileño con un espíritu muy atractivo para el visitante.

Las largas noches de Pipa

Por Redacción LAVOZ

Elegida por muchos argentinos para visitar y también para vivir, Pipa es otra de las localidades del norte brasileño con un espíritu muy atractivo para el visitante.

Tiene temperaturas altas durante todo el año y unas playas maravillosas, muy atractivas para los surfers, ya que sus olas son ideales para practicar el deporte. Del mismo modo, es lugar elegido por mucha gente joven, ya que su actividad nocturna es intensa.

Pipa es el lugar preferido de mucha gente joven, que disfruta de la intensa vida nocturna.

“Pipa es como la Ibiza del Río Grande del Norte”, comenta en una cena un empresario hotelero a propósito de la buena oferta en bares y discotecas. Y eso se comprueba cualquier noche en su centro neurálgico, unas pocas cuadras que concentran muchos locales recreativos de diversas clases. Desde pubs y restaurantes con comidas típicas y carros ambulantes que ofrecen bebidas de las más variadas, hasta pequeños locales atiborrados de gente que baila, en una suerte de mezcla curiosa de club electrónico y bar de playa.

En cuanto al alojamiento, hay muchas posadas para toda clase de visitantes y bolsillos, desde las más rústicas a las más lujosas. Una de estas últimas es el Pipa Beleza Spa Resort, recomendada para aquellos que buscan descansar con todas las comodidades. Cuenta con departamentos amplios y prácticos, muy bien decorados, y las zonas de tránsito común están rodeadas de vegetación natural.

Conjunción infalible: profusa vegetación, playas y mar.

El personal siempre es atento y aconseja de acuerdo a las necesidades del huésped.


Las playas son la gran atracción de Pipa, tanto en plan familiar como para los más jóvenes y aventureros.

Una de las visitas obligadas es la Praia do Madeiro, una playa ancha y tranquila a la que se accede luego de bajar una larga escalera rodeada de ambientes naturales.

Algunas playas tienen el oleaje ideal para practicar surf.

Se puede tomar sol, darse un chapuzón en aguas cálidas, beber un trago típico en alguno de sus barcitos o tomar clases de surf con algún profesor. Uno de ellos, Jean Carlos, es un lugareño casado con una argentina que en pocos minutos, y con un buen manejo del español, puede convencer de quedarse a vivir en Pipa.

Praia do Madeiro también es la elegida por algunos delfines, ya que es común verlos aparecer fugazmente en zonas cercanas a la costa.

Otro lugar tradicional es la Playa del Amor, así denominada porque la forma de sus costas se asemeja a la de un corazón. Una de las leyendas asegura que ese punto es el preferido de algunas parejas recientes, ya que, según aseveran los habitantes y lo cuentan los guías turísticos, un beso en esa zona paradisíaca es garantía de amor para toda la vida.

La Playa del Amor, al igual que en otras partes de Pipa, se puede ver desde sus acantilados, un paseo óptimo si lo que uno desea es contemplar el lugar desde las alturas.

Santuario ecológico

Si bien las playas y la noche son las atracciones elegidas por la mayoría de los visitantes, Pipa también cuenta con otras actividades para realizar durante el día. Una de ellas puede ser una visita al Santuario ecológico, con sus senderos rodeados de naturaleza, flora y fauna típica del lugar, que aseguran un paseo para respirar uno de los aires más puros de toda América.

Un alto en la excursión marítima para disfrutar del almuerzo.

Otra excursión muy recomendable, tanto para la familia como para grupos variados de turistas, es a la laguna Guarairas. Se trata de un recorrido de varias horas a bordo de uno de los barcos Solemio, desde la mañana hasta bien entrada la tarde. El tiempo durante el viaje se pasa de la mejor manera: cada tramo incluye la explicación correspondiente del guía, mientras se invita al pasajero a degustar algún trago, con o sin alcohol, además de varias exquisiteces preparadas en una pequeña parrilla ubicada en una de las esquinas del barquito.

Es un plan perfecto para pasar una jornada completa (175 reales por persona), ya que incluye paradas de varias clases, desde la visita a un pueblo de pescadores hasta una merienda en medio del mar.

Finaliza con una vista privilegiada del atardecer, otra postal hermosa del norte de Brasil.

Restaurantes, pubs y pequeños locales invitan a estirar las noches de Pipa

Después de alguno de estos paseos, se puede volver a la playa para hacer una breve caminata nocturna, o ir directamente a la posada y prepararse para una salida al pueblo, con sus locales dispuestos para la diversión.

Las opciones son muchas y todas llevan el inconfundible sello de Pipa: bohemia y buena compañía hasta que el sol anuncie un nuevo día.



Stand Up Paddle Instructor Certifieds ISA SUP Roberto Moretto

having fun this early morning in Praia do Madeiro Brasil

We Love Our Tropical Paradise !!

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TEAM – ZANG’S Surf & SUP Wear – Surf Camp Pipa Hostel

image : VLado – edit :  RM image

praia do madeiro stand up paddle
praia do madeiro stand up paddle
praia madeiro escola de sup
praia madeiro escola de sup
praia madeiro escola de stand up paddle
praia madeiro escola de stand up paddle
roberto moretto image
roberto moretto image
praia madeiro escola de stand up paddle
praia madeiro escola de stand up paddle 




praia da pipa –  Brasil



When Not to Workout, Paddle Healthy, SUP tips, stand up paddle boarding, fitness, standup paddling


Here at, we’re usually trying to help you find time to workout and advising you on how to get more from your exercise routine. But, there are times when your body would be better off taking it easy or taking a complete break. And, while the culture of extreme exercise is increasingly urging us to plow forward through pain, sickness and discomfort, we’re here to tell you to disregard this outdated and often dangerous “no pain, no gain” philosophy, which can lead to injury, illness, and compromised performance. Now let’s jump into the scenarios in which you should limit or stop activity.


Whether you’re paddling, working out in the gym, running, or whatever, your workout should be difficult enough to challenge you. But, fighting through fatigue, lactic acid accumulation and soreness is one thing. Pushing through pain is another. If you get a burning pain, a sudden muscle twinge or experience the surge of a sudden nerve-based lighting bolt, you have to stop. Your body has a set of highly evolved sensors and when your feedback mechanisms tell you there’s something wrong then you need to listen. If your pain receptors are overloaded, it’s because you’ve sustained an injury or are about to, or have compromised your nervous system. Don’t feel like a wimp by stopping—you could potentially do lasting damage.


When Usain Bolt runs 100 meters it takes him less than 10 seconds and if he’s racing over 200 meters, he’s done within 20. But, long before he and his fellow sprinters get to the track, they go through a series of dynamic exercises, low intensity aerobic activities and mobility drills to prepare their bodies for the rigors of intense exercise. Then, they do skill work, practice starts and plyometrics to move their musculoskeletal and nervous systems into high gear before the start gun fires. “But I’m not Usain Bolt!” we hear you say. True, but the same rules apply to weekend warriors as to the pros. There’s a universal rule you should follow: if you don’t have time to warm up and cool down, you don’t have time to workout.

Only have 30 minutes for exercise on your lunch break? Don’t go from zero to 60 with no preparation! Instead, jump rope or do five to 10 minutes of low intensity cardio, followed by these paddling prep exercises from SUPthemag’s Brody Welte or a series of bodyweight exercises (air squats, lunges, pushups, mountain climbers, etc) that force oxygenated blood to your muscles. Then, do an intense 10- to 15-minute circuit or interval circuit, followed by at least five minutes of cooling down and mobility exercises (more is preferable) to flush waste by-products and free tightened soft tissues of restrictions. If you have even less time for activity, consider just taking a walk. The risk of injury is just too high if you can’t commit to at least minimal warm up and cool down before intense exercise.

When Not to Workout, Paddle Healthy, SUP tips, stand up paddle boarding, fitness, standup paddling


It’s no surprise that many of us don’t get enough sleep. While hitting the hay for less than seven hours each night can inhibit exercise recovery, increase the risk of contracting a cold and compromise performance, getting no sleep or just a couple of hours is far more serious. Researchers have shown that very low intensity activity—like a low stroke rate paddle, recovery row or walk—can reduce the feeling of sleepiness and better prepare the body for restful sleep. But, trying to exercise with anything above minimal intensity when you’re seriously sleep-compromised is a bad idea.

Even if you’ve eaten well and consumed plenty of fluids, your body won’t be able to process this fuel properly to power you through a race or hard workout. In addition, your muscles and other soft tissues will be seriously underprepared for a full-on session, even if you follow our warm up and cool down rules. Your body is already working hard just to stay awake. You wouldn’t drive a car if you feared falling asleep at the wheel, would you? Nor should you expect your body to handle the stress of all-out physical exertion. Instead, get some rest and vow to push it hard tomorrow.


Pro athletes sometimes seem to wear their extreme workout schedules like badges of courage. You do three hours a day five days a week? Well, I do five hours a day, six days a week! But, just like boasting about working long hours and/or getting little sleep is foolish, overtraining or racing too much is a terrible idea, whether you’re a pro or an amateur. It can lead to niggling or severe injuries, sickness and burnout—just ask Connor Baxter. And remember that your favorite athletes have lots of time to recover, access to professional dietitians, masseurs and more, and can often get far more sleep than most of us—everyone from LeBron James, to Roger Federer to Laird Hamilton claims to get 10 hours or more shuteye a night.

For those of us who don’t have Olympic ambitions, we’re better off reducing our work rate to include just four to five days a week. That’s the only way that we can get adequate recovery to meet our fitness goals, whether that’s winning an SUP race, hitting a new PR in the weight room or smoking that local 5K run. Remember that muscles don’t adapt under load. Sure, we need the stimulus of exercise, but it’s the time that we spend NOT working out that determines how our bodies respond to this stimulus. That’s why it’s usually not wise to “push through” for seven days straight even if we feel okay. Doing some active recovery (think the pace of your usual warm up or cool down) or mobility work is okay, but do your body a favor and take at least one day of rest per week.

Photo: Chris Bishow


We all know those smug people who claim, “I never get sick.” Well, maybe there are a few who can go a few years without illness, but most of us get at least one knock-you-down bout each year. Now, if you have a little congestion or are generally under the weather, go ahead and workout, even if you have to dial back the intensity. But if it’s anything below the neck, you have a fever, and/or it’s something that’s serious enough to make you consider calling into work sick, then stay off your board and out of the gym.

Just like if you get less or minimal sleep, when you’re sick your system is working double time to keep you functioning. The human body isn’t designed to shuttle antibodies and all its other illness-fighting properties to take on infection while also fueling optimal physical output. At best, you’ll have a crappy workout, and at worst, you can exaggerate your systems and get really sick. So, fight that temptation to push through and that fear that you’ll be losing ground, and instead spend your time guzzling green tea with honey, extra fruit and veggies and zinc-rich foods that can get you back to normal quickly.


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